Getting Pregnant

Coming off the pill-

So I came off the pill in June 2017, I knew I wanted to get pregnant in 2018 so I decided to come off the pill and give my body a detox from all the hormones. Coming off the pill initially was fine, no side effects but after about a year I got really bad skin and I’ve normally had perfect skin but it’s finally improving now after a few months and changing my skincare routine to Environ. My new regime using Environ has definitely improved my skin but it’s still not like it used to be and I’ve just learnt that I will have to stop using some of the Environ range as it has high doses of vitamin A which is not recommended in pregnancy. Hopefully soon I’ll just get that pregnancy glow everyone talks about…. I’ll keep you posted!

The other thing that came with me coming off the pill was ovulation pains, this is called mittelschmerz. I first got these in the September 17 a few months after stopping the pill and then every month since, until I fell pregnant. They are really painful, often waking me up in the middle of the night but they only last 5-10 minutes and then fade away. I went to the doctor and they said it’s absolutely normal and quite common. These pains actually came in handy because I knew precisely when my egg was released, so I knew when was the best time to successfully conceive.

My cycle also became longer, lasting anywhere from 35- 40 days. But apparently that’s quite normal too.


In September when we decided we would start trying and I was ovulating my boyfriend was away on a stag do, I’m sure he did that on purpose to bide himself an extra month lol.

Skip to October. Everything timed perfectly with the help of my mittelschmerz symptom, I knew we were in for a good chance this month!

Getting excited and wanting to know, I woke up on a Sunday morning a few days before I thought my period was due and decided to do a test. It said positive but one of the lines was much fainter than the other. I showed Charlie, and he said he wasn’t sure it was definitely positive, so we went to boots on the way to the gym and I bought a clear blue test that also tells you how many weeks pregnant you are.

The whole time I was in the gym I couldn’t stop smiling and also thinking to myself I wonder if I’m allowed to do this, should I be squatting, maybe I should take it easy… jumping the gun abit!

Got home, did the test and then stood watching over a timer icon for what felt like ages. It said positive and then… 2-3 weeks!!! Yay! I am so happy and feel so lucky that I fell pregnant so quickly.

Before I started trying I didn’t know that you actually can’t fall pregnant any time of the month, it’s only when you’re ovulating. So if you are trying to conceive and want to increase your chances, it’s really important to track when you’re ovulating because once your egg has been released there’s only a small window for the egg to get fertilised. Here is a link to explain how it works.