My First Trimester

Telling people

I found out I was pregnant at the end of November, and quite quickly we decided that we would surprise all of our family with the news on Christmas Day. It meant keeping it a secret for almost 6 weeks except for telling my sister and one close friend. I actually enjoyed us being the only ones knowing to begin with, absorbing the idea of being a mum and being able to get excited about our next  on our own. But it was also really bloody hard keeping it a secret too because usually I’m a bit of an alcoholic (not literally but I love a drink). We also got engaged a week after we found we were expecting, so everybody wanted to celebrate the engagement. Andddd it was the lead up to Christmas, so there were lots of parties and festivities. For a month I was constantly pretending to drink and was swapping drinks with Charlie to disguise my non drinking. Somehow we managed to pull it off really well and most people were completely surprised when we announced the pregnancy! We put pictures of the early scan we’d had in their Christmas cards, there were lots of happy tears.


Omg I wasn’t prepared for the tiredness. The main thing people tell you about pregnancy is the sickness but seriously the tiredness for me was awful. From week 8-13 I was soooo tired, I felt like I’d been sedated. I moaned about being tired all the time and even after a long sleep I was still tired. Tired tired tired. Thankfully this subsided when I moved into the second trimester. I really don’t function well when I am tired, actually I can’t function at all. I really need to man up before the baby arrives!


Luckily I was never sick, however I did feel nauseous for the first 12 weeks. For me eating helped it subside. Bread, pizza, bagels, basically carbs were my go to foods. I always thought I would be super healthy during pregnancy, but the reality was I just wanted to stuff my face with whatever I fancied.


My boobs were so sensitive at the very beginning, it was one of the main reasons I thought I was pregnant. This lasted about 6 weeks and since then they’ve got HUGE!! Yay finally I massive boobs! They’ve also got veiny and my nipples have got so dark in colour…. I’m not sure why?! just another strange, weird and wonderful thing that happens to your body whilst you’re pregnant.


Google will be your best friend from the second you find out you’re pregnant. Seriously what the hell did pregnant women do before google? I literally googled ‘I am pregnant, what do I do next?’. Googling in the middle of the night is my favourite hobbie, usually finding myself reading birth stories, weird I know but I’m fascinated. I think I’ve read every single type of labour, the good, the bad and the pro lapsed vaginas (and seen the google images too- not for the faint hearted). I now consider myself fully prepared for the worse case scenario.


A week after we found out I was pregnant, Charlie and I went to New York on holiday ( I was about 5 weeks pregnant). And then a few weeks later I had a 24 hour work trip to Capetown. Straight away I was googling is it safe to travel whilst pregnant and found myself bouncing from forum to forum reading different opinions, experiences, horror stories. Worried, I then asked my doctor, who advised that flying is safe and there’s no evidence to suggest it can cause a miscarriage, which was my main fear. Even though I was anxious about it, I just kept hydrated and made sure I was walking around the plane and stretching a lot and I was perfectly fine. From my own personal experience, flying was good for me and I’d also note that that it’s quite a good time to travel whilst you aren’t carrying very much extra weight and can still sit comfortably on the plane. Soon I might be needing two seats or extra length in the seat belt!


I do not have that glow people talk about, I’ve actually never felt so unglowy! The glow is is still pending……


Yay! My hair is long and luscious! And also extra extra frizzy but I’ll take that.


I just thought you’d pee a lot towards the end, when the bump is large and pressing on your bladder. Nope, I was up once or twice a night from about 6 weeks. It’s because your uterus is growing and because of the extra blood flow (google). Anyway it’s quite annoying but good practice for those interrupted sleeps just around the corner.

So here we have it , my first trimester in a nut shell! Yes I love being pregnant but it’s also all new and scary too. Pregnancy is so unpredictable and it’s hard not to worry but at the end of the 12 weeks I had my scan and it was so incredible and reassuring. The baby had changed so much from the tiny shape we saw in our 8 week scan, now fully developed with teeny tiny fingers and toes. The Sonographer needed the baby to shift position from its side to its back so that she could measure its neck, to do this I was asked to jump on the spot up and down a few times. Once i was laying back on the bed there it was, now on its back, wriggling like crazy, not very happy i’d just disturbed its nap! It was quite surreal because I couldn’t feel the baby at all.

After my scan, I went to my first wedding dress appointment with my mum and best friend and think I even found my dream dress. What a dream day!


  1. Sharon
    March 22, 2019 / 7:59 am

    It reads really lovely. Well done ✔️

    • rosiefawehimi
      April 5, 2019 / 9:14 am

      Thanks Shazza x

    • rosiefawehimi
      April 5, 2019 / 9:14 am

      Thank you Natalie xx

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