The Baby Show

A couple of weeks ago I went to the baby show at Excel London and it was GREAT! I wasn’t sure if it would be worth going to because I’d heard mixed things about it, but I think if you’re expecting a baby you should definitely go. All the leading brands are exhibiting there and everything is discounted too, so you can get yourself a good deal. I was there for over 6 hours mooching around and only left because I had somewhere to go to afterwards, otherwise I think I’d of been there until it closed!

Choosing a pram sounds like a simple task, but it’s actually not. You need to consider things like if you’ll be using it on the tube and need something lighter or if you want to use it for long walks in the woods and if it will fit into your car etc. So I found it really helpful  that everything was under one roof so you can compare and test all the different prams and pushchairs. You can test the weights, push them around on a course of different terrains, see the different colour ways in person and are shown how easily they can be folded away etc. Although I didn’t buy my pram there and then, I have narrowed it down to 2 that I love and one of the brands I had not even heard of before I went there, so it may surprise you what else is out there that you didn’t already know.

They also have all the different types of cribs, cots etc on display to see. Before I went I had researched and asked friends what they recommended and most people had said the Chicco Next To Me or the Snuzpod are really good, they were on display to compare and although I liked both, I decided that the Snuzpod3 Bedside Crib will be a better option for us. Its smaller, which suits our bedroom as the space next to our bed is quite small. Also I love the design and that it has a lift off bassinet and that it rocks. One job done.

Although each brand had its own stand, there was also shops like Baby Planet who sell a variety of brands. I hadn’t done much research into carseats before I went and their team of experts could give unbiased advice on what carseat best suited my needs and explained how each brand differed in safety, which was really important information to obtain.

As well as all the large names, there are also lots of other smaller and brand new brands  exhibiting things like baby skincare, muslins, baby clothes, maternity clothes, eco friendly nappies, furniture, private nct classes, childcare, toys, foods, breast milk alternatives, breast pumps, gifts, to name a few. Anything baby…. its there! And the best bit was I left with so many samples and freebies to try, who doesn’t love a freebie!

All these lovely goodies were freebies, how sweet is the Marks and Spencers babygrow!

I cannot wait for my baby to try these Rascal and Friends Nappies, how cute is the name, colour and print!

I have loved eating these bars, they can be used as a daily alternative to Pregnacare, or i just eat them as a snack. They contain folic acid, vitamin b2 and B6 and Vitamin D and they’re delicious!

Just to mention, I was too busy shopping but they do have guest speakers and live shows, talking about things from ‘positive birthing and the first week’s’ to ‘becoming a dad’. So its one for the girls and boys!

The next Baby Show is at Olympia in October.

There is also the Baby & Toddler Show in April at Sandown Park.


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