Baby Moon Pt1

So last week at 22 weeks pregnant, Charlie and I went to Mallorca for 3 nights for a little break, but most importantly to scout wedding venues! And we found the one! Im not going to talk about that in this blog post but I will quickly add that I thought planning a wedding and having a baby would be hectic and possibly a stupid idea but actually i’ve found its the perfect time for me. Modelling has slowed down since my bump has grown and annoyingly most brands use fake bumps rather than pregnant models that would still love to work grrrrr… but anyway this has given me lots of time to enjoy my second trimester and my precious bump and also spend time planning and researching my upcoming wedding.

Back to Mallorca…. it really is so so beautiful. Home to lovely golden beaches, turquoise waters, stunning mountains, old architecture, gorgeous green shutters everywhere and not forgetting the best Aioli on the planet. If you haven’t been before you need to put it on your list, especially if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant. As you may or may not know Zika virus is still a problem, so it is something to take into consideration when you are booking a holiday even when you aren’t pregnant but are planning to conceive. For us this year, we decided its just not worth the risk even though Tulum was calling my name we have decided to stay put in Europe. We will have to wait until the baby is here to travel somewhere more exotic, it looks as though it will be tagging along on our honey moon anyway! This could be a down side to having a baby before getting married or it could be even better making memories alongside our little pickle…. lets see!

Although I had already experienced two long haul trips at the very start of my pregnancy, this seemed like my first holiday being pregnant and I felt it physically. We walked around lots and by the end of each day I felt a lot of pressure around the bottom of my stomach and also a stitch kind of feeling on both sides. At first this worried me a little because i hadn’t had these pains before but when I googled it, the symptoms matched with something called round ligament pains which is very common and it’s just from your uterus growing and stretching the ligaments supporting it. This is where a bath would have come in perfectly. Not only do I loveeeeee baths, it’s exactly what I needed everyday after being on my feet exploring and it would have definitely helped relieve the achiness but unfortunately we didn’t book a room with a bath. So my first tip is to book a room with a bath. My second tip is always make sure you go to the toilet when can, even if you don’t really need it, we were driving through the mountains at times and I found myself desperately trying not to wet myself more than once. Also take water with you wherever you go, just incase you can’t get to a shop for a while. And my last tip is dress comfortably, i bought myself some new bits especially for this holiday and I was happy with them all. Other than my Topshop Jamie Maternity jeans (which I loveeeeee btw) The other outfits weren’t actually maternity I just bought them both in a size up. I’ll link them below.

We travelled with one hand luggage bag between us, that was the only down side for booking our flights for £9.99 with Ryan Air (what a bargain right!!!!) so we had to pack light and practical. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in my makeup and essentials but somehow I did. I’m obsessed with oiling my belly and boobs and do it religiously every morning and night, worried that I wouldn’t be able to find one that would fit into my hand luggage, luckily I found a 60ml bio oil. Life saver!!

We are planning a proper babymoon in May, specifically dedicated to just relaxing, laying on sun loungers and getting lots and lots of sleep. We haven’t booked it yet but we are pretty much decided on Turkey because we want guaranteed sunshine which fingers crossed it will bring! I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant by then so I’ll let you know how it is travelling in the third trimester.

This link will show you what countries have Zika Virus.

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    Can not recommend Babymoons enough! In fact I think their so important that I made a business out of them.

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