I cannot believe we have reached 6 months already!! It’s flying by and now I’m really enjoying pregnancy and want to treasure these precious moments as I feel like its going way too fast. The past month I’ve felt really good, full of energy, healthy and back to myself. The tiredness and feeling nauseous has long gone. Amazingly my skin has completely cleared up, if you’ve read my post called ‘getting pregnant’ I explained that when I came off of the pill I developed bad spots and my whole skin texture changed and even when the spots were gone I got really red scarring. Miraculously this has completely disappeared over the last month and I’ve not had a single spot, which is the first time for almost a year now. I think this proves that they were hormonal because I’ve not changed anything about my skincare regime. So if you’ve suffered skin changes like I have, don’t worry you’re hormones will balance out.

My bump has grown sooo much the last month too and I really love it. The baby is kicking all the time and I’ve noticed a little pattern. It loves to move after I’ve eaten ( foodie like it’s mummy). Also when I’m driving in the car listening to music and in the evening when I’m sat on the sofa. Actually lastnight when I was sat watching the tv my belly button felt abit weird and when I looked, I noticed half of it had popped out. Obviously I had a quick google and read that this happens to some people, it’s when the uterus expands so much it puts pressure on your belly button and it pops outwards, or for some people it just goes flat. It’s so weird and wonderful watching my body change, I thought I might struggle with the changes and weight gain but I’m embracing them and actually loving my new lumps and bumps.

Which leads me to my next subject. I’ve found some amazing bra’s that I want to recommend. They are from Matalan and only £6 for a pack of two, absolute bargain!! I first bought them a month ago in a size 10, but outgrown them already lol so bought some more this week in a size 12 and they fit perfectly. They are super comfy, non wired and have a supportive under-bust band. I haven’t taken them off since I discovered them and I’ve even been wearing them to the gym instead of my sports bra (because my new boobs are too big for them now too).


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Although I have bought a few new maternity clothes and bras for myself, I still haven’t bought many baby things yet. The few things that I have purchased all have bumble bees on…. I don’t know why?! I keep being drawn to bumble bees 🐝. I found these gorgeous pillows from M&S, they’ll sit on my Ikea Poang Rocking Chair and I found this crochet woven storage basket on TKMAX online. I think they’ll look cute with my neutral colour palette. I have found so many lovely ideas on pinterest that I have saved to my baby room board for you to have a look at.

I have also found sooooo many nice things on the La Redoute website. They have such a wide variety of gorgeous homeware, from nursery furniture to small accessories. I want it all!! and there is currently a huge sale on with up to 60% off so its definitely worth having a browse.

I cannot wait to start decorating the nursery properly. It’s still our dressing room at the moment and I currently have 42 items listed on ebay, I’m literally having the biggest clear out ever to make room for the baby!

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