A few days ago an ‘essential’ shopping list popped up on my bounty app. And as I scrolled through it I could only tick off thermometer, black out blinds and baby grows (I only had 2, not enough as I’ve been told babies can go through 5 or more in a day). So I decided it was time for me to go shopping and today was the day. It wasn’t that Ive been purposely putting it off. Its just that in the beginning I didn’t feel comfortable buying things just incase anything happened and recently I’ve been waiting until we had the baby’s room sorted so that everything would have a home to go in. We still haven’t started on the room but we are getting the furniture on monday and on tuesday my lovely dad is coming over to put it together.

Anyway here is the Mamas and Papas List of what they recommend you should buy. I have ticked off what i now have.



I picked up these two cute unisex baby grows in size 0-3 months at the White Company sample sale a few weeks ago for £5 each and this cute new born hat and glove set for £3. I know usually babies have to wear a little hat in hospital to regulate their temperature but I don’t think this will apply in July if last summer is anything to go by. Its cute anyway and all of these purchases were such bargains!!

Today I got these little bits from Next. The 3 bib set will actually match the white company baby grows as they’ve got little animals on too, they were £7. Then I got plain white cotton short sleeve bodysuits in a 5 pack, size new born, they were £8. I also bought this 4 pack of 100% cotton muslin clothes in grey and white, each with a different pattern.

From Marks & Spencers I got this cute dinky little baby grow with ducks on it, In size new born and it was £5. Im in love, its sooooo small and so soft. I can’t believe my baby will be that small when it comes out. I also got 5 soft cotton organic sleep suits, they were £15. I must say the M&S clothes feel really really soft, I’m definitely going to go back for some more. I then got more muslins as Ive been told you can’t have too many, these ones area bit ore colourful but still unisex. And the last think I got from Marks and Spencers is  this cute little sock set. I don’t know whether it’ll be too hot for socks in the summer or if babys even like wearing socks but I couldn’t resist.

Then a few random bits I picked up are this organic cotton hooded towel and wash cloth set from tkmaxx. I love this duck egg colour and think its good for boys or girls. It’s really soft and the packaging is lovely, this would be a great baby shower gift for someone. I also got the baby its first blanket with a little lamb on it 😍

I obviously still have a lot of things to buy but today was a good start!! Today was also the first time I’ve kind of wished that I knew what sex the baby was because Zara had the most adorable girls things but for now i’ll just have to stick to neutral colours and patterns. When the baby is here I can go shopping crazy!

Also just a heads up, there’s a Bon Point sample sale all this weekend. Details below, Happy Shopping! x



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