2nd Trimester

I just realised it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a blog post and in that time I’ve entered my third and final trimester. I can’t believe how fast the time is going! I’ve been really busy clearing and organising the baby’s room and also we have booked our wedding. It’s so exciting but I didn’t realise how many important decisions need to be made at the beginning, so everything “baby” has kind of been on hold the last week, except for yesterday we went and had a 4d scan which was amazingggggg!!!! The baby slept the whole way through 😫😍 the lady let me go and have some chocolate and walk around to try and wake it up but even when we went back it was still sleeping, we did get a little yawn though. The baby definitely has my families nose and I think it has Charlies eye sockets and defined lips. I was leaning more towards thinking it’s a boy but now I’m not so sure?!

I really recommend the 4d scan, it was so lovely seeing its face and I think it made the whole thing seem more real for Charlie, which is good lol because we only have 10 weeks until my due date! Also I think it’s kind of crazy that providing your pregnancy is low risk your last scan is at 20 weeks, only half way through your pregnancy. I know there’s talks of the NHS possibly providing a scan at 36 weeks in the future, I think that’s such a good idea. Many women go through long labours and end up having emergency csections due to undetected breech babys. It’s estimated this new scan will avoid 4,000 emergency c sections and also 8 baby deaths per year. I hope this new protocol comes into action soon.

Here is my second trimester roundup for you:


In my first trimester I said the glow was still pending! Well luckily for me it came….. my skin has gone back to how it was before coming off the pill. No more spots or pigmentation! Yay! I just hope it lasts 🙏🏼


By week 16 the extreme tiredness completely went, thankfully!!!! Looking back now that was hellish, i felt sedated. I was a moany tired pregnant woman…. Now I’m just a moany pregnant woman 💁🏽‍♀️


I announced that I was pregnant at 18 weeks so 6 weeks into my second trimester. I left it so late because up until that point I didn’t really have a bump and for work purposes I wanted to leave it for as long as I could. After this point my bump has just grown and grown, sometimes in front of my eyes! It’s amazing watching my body change, I keep thinking how much can my skin stretch, it seems so tight but then it just keeps growing. I’ve been using oil on my boobs and bump everyday and so far no stretch marks. The kicks get stronger everyday and are now in my ribs most of the time, but that’s good because it means that the baby is in the right position now, head down.


My boobs are huge and are still growing and my nipples are so dark and also huge. I’ve heard that this is so babys can see them to feed…Not sure how true that is?! But very clever of the body if it is. I’ve had to buy so many bras throughout my pregnancy because they keep getting bigger and also I’m finding them quite uncomfortable on my ribs. I’m being sent some Bravado bras next week, I’ve heard great things and they grow with you, so hopefully they’ll be comfortable.


I have continued to work out throughout my pregnancy. Usually a minimum of twice a week and if I haven’t fancied the gym then I’ve been getting some long walks in. I’m planning a blog post very soon to show you some of the exercises that I’ve been doing and are safe in pregnancy.

Midwife appointments-

The second trimester is when your midwife appointments begin. The first is an introduction where they go through your scan and blood results. I was told my iron was a little low and to drink more water and eat leafy greens. I was taking Pregnacare but sometimes forgetting on occasion. So I’ve had to make sure I don’t forget, which has just reminded me that I need to pack them for my holiday in a few days time.

On my second appointment they measured my bump and gave me a growth chart. My bump is quite small and neat but the baby is measuring big, so I think it’s going to be tall like Charlie. At this appointment I also got to listen to the heart beat which was amazing again, it was sooo fast and sounded like a galloping horse! I googled it and apparently that means it’s a girl 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was told at this appointment my blood pressure was a little bit low and to drink more water….So that’s what I did.

At my last appointment my bump was measured again and perfectly in line with how it should be growing. The heart beat was strong and I was told I have a happy baby 😍 my blood pressure was still a little low but better than my last appointment, so I’m just continuing to drink more water. I was sent for routinely bloods to check my iron levels amongst other things and I will get those results in a few weeks time.


Over Easter I had a really scary experience. I’d had my second midwife appointment and everything was good except my slightly low blood pressure, which I was advised to just drink more water. Later that afternoon I went to the gym and 10 minutes in, I felt light headed so did the rest of my workout on the mat. When I got home later all of sudden I lost my memory, I couldn’t even remember my nephews names. It was so scary I wasn’t sure if I was confused or what what happening, I got into bed and decided to have a sleep for an hour. Woke up and still couldn’t remember things, i rang Charlie in tears and had to cancel his birthday plans as there was no way I could get the train into london alone. I realised that I had hardly had any fluids that day because I’d been running around and was severely dehydrated! It was a huge wake up call and really really scary, I thought I’d lost my mind.

I’m now drinking lots of water and it hasn’t happened since 🙏🏼 it is so so important to stay hydrated, all the little problems I’ve had during pregnancy, I’ve been told will be resolved by drinking more water and now everything is as it should be!


I went to a holistic birthing workshop run by @the_hypnobirthing_midwife. It’s the perfect introduction lead by experts in their field including acupuncture, reflexology, placenta encapsulation and hypnobirthing.

It was only 3 hours long but in that time I learnt techniques to naturally relieve pain and left deciding that I wanted to explore hynobirthing a little more to help me feel prepared for birth. Anthonissa Moger, founder of The Hypnobirthing Midwife runs a FREE Drop in on fridays between 12-1pm at Leyton Yoga, perfect if you want to try it.

A lovely lady Tahnee found me through my blog and runs a baby moon hypnobirthing retreat and Charlie and I are now booked on to go there in The Isle of Wight on the 28th June. I’m so excited, it sounds heavenly. Take a look at her Instagram @bump_and_mind_retreats.

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