Hospital Bag

Right so I didn’t actually pack a hospital bag… I hadn’t even thought about what I’d need to pack let alone gone out and bought anything. I arrived at hospital in a panic at 32 weeks and 20 days later was discharged with Rudie. So here is my list of things that I found essential and a few other things that may be helpful. Some may seem obvious but I’m putting them on the list anyway, incase you forget… baby brain is a real thing you know!

1. A big blanket. Hospital bedding can be thin and old and just not very luxurious and you never know how long you’ll have to be there for. My mum bought me a brand new blanket on the first day I was admitted and It made my stay much more comforting and cosy.

2. Big high waisted comfy knickers… you’ll definitely need these for after birth and I’m still wearing mine to bed now, not because I need to just because they’re comfy (much to Charlies despair).

3. Large sanitary towels.

4. Breastpads… just incase you’re there a few days, your milk usually comes in on day 3 and they’ll be lots of leaking. I woke up and the bed was drenched.

5. Snacks and drinks. Hospital food isn’t the best and also you’ll be really hungry afterwards.

6. Evian spray! I cannot recommend this enough, it was the BEST thing EVER during labour.

7. Eyemask, I had to get Charlie to bring this after my first sleepless night on the labour ward. At some point you’ll probably be on a ward with other patients, either before labour or afterwards recovering and it can literally be like Kew Gardens light show at 2am.

8. Earplugs. My ward was so noisy… with people in the early stages of labour. These are a must.

9. Pillow spray, it helped me relax and made my room smell nice.

10. Feminine hygiene wipes.

11. Toothbrush and tooth paste.

12. Hairbrush.

13. Towel. (I actually didn’t shower there because it was gross that’s why I added hygiene wipes… not sure what’s more gross me not showering or the showers 😂) .

14. Makeup wipes and moisturiser.

15. Deodorant.

16. Comfy clothes and nightie.

17. Nursing bra.

18. Baby vests and baby grows x3 just incase you’re there a few days.

19. Baby hat and mittens.

20. A pack of 24 nappies… babies go through sooo many nappies, up to 12 each day!

21. Muslins.

22. Blanket.

23. Dummy, incase you want to introduce it straight away.

24. Bottle and microwave steriliser bag incase you want to use it straight away.

25. Nipple cream and sheilds if you want to breastfeed. I had trouble with breastfeeding and both of these really helped.

26. Phone charger.

27. Book or iPad to distract you.

28. Flip flops.

Basically you need a 24kg suitcase and you’ll never travel lightly or use your favourite handbag ever again!

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