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Hellooooo…. I haven’t posted on here for a while and I’ve really missed writing my blog. I’ve been so busy adjusting to my new life as a mumma but tonight I have just started packing for our second holiday and realised that I’m not stressed about it like last time where I was actually losing sleep. We only went to Mallorca for 3 nights but the anxiety I had before going was ridiculous, I was kind of dreading the holiday but in actual fact Rudie was a dream the whole time, we made lovely memories like his first dip into the sea and now I’m really excited for our next holiday to Spain on Wednesday. I feel so much more confident about packing and I wanted to share with you a few products that I think are holiday essentials.

Firstly if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen me rave about the snooze shade. This product is amazing, it keeps the baby out of the sun with uv protection but also is fantastic to encourage day time naps or keeping it dark in the evening whilst you’re out in a restaurant. They are universal… so will fit any pram!

This photo of Rudie snoozing on the beach made me realise he needed his hair shaved 🤣

The next product that I have to recommend is the Ickle Bubba Globe travel stroller. I was kindly gifted this pram and i’d not heard of the brand before and I don’t think many other people have either so I want to spread awareness because this pram is EVERYTHING!! It is light, compact, chic with hardly any branding, it moves like a dream and the best feature is that it folds so small that you can take it onto the airplane as overhead luggage. This turned out to be a godsend when we were on our flight home and got delayed an hour once on the plane, I was able to get my pram down and push Rudie to sleep at the back! I have the khaki green with a rose gold frame but it comes in other colours too. I now feel guilty because my dad spent a fortune on my Pram but now I’m home I’ve just been using my Ickle bubba because its so easy and light, my other pram now seems such a faf! Also the price is amazing compared to other brands. I have a demo video on my Instagram highlights to show how easily it’s folded away.

You can buy it using my link here:

The next product I recommend and use day to day but also think is really good to have whilst travelling is the mini Milton dummy steriliser. It’s simple to use and it stays sterile for 24 hours ( I even leave it longer before adding new water and mini Milton tablet) but basically it means you only ever need two dummies out with you. One in the steriliser and one that you’re using and as you drop them you can just wipe it down and pop it in the mini steriliser. Then you just rotate, so that you’ll always have a sterilised dummy to hand. It comes with a velcro attachment so that you can easily hang it from you bag or pram and access it easily.

The best product ever is this car seat bag that a friend told me about. You are allowed to check it for free as heavy luggage on the airplane and it fits soooo much stuff in. I packed my car seat, sleepyhead and all my nappies in there. This time round I’m going to pack my sleepyhead, Bjorne bouncer and also my microwave steriliser and whatever else I can squeeze in. SO so good and saves you paying for extra bags!

Also a few handy tips:

I called ahead and my hotel put an electric steriliser in my room which was so helpful because it saved me having to bring anything with me.

Our room was tiny we booked a standard double and with a car seat, pram and a cot, we literally had no floor space at all! And getting ready was chaotic, so if you can try and book a bigger room I’d recommend it.

Pack more nappies and bibs than you think you’ll need.

And they don’t wear half the clothes you think they will, Rudie spent all day in his swim nappie and then at night I’d put him in his pjs ready for bed!

I hope you find this helpful and sorry it’s been so long since I last posted! It won’t be so long next time 😘


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  1. Mum
    October 22, 2019 / 6:58 am

    Lovely well written

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